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  1. Prosecutors make final arguments at Paul Manafort financial fraud trial

    Trump Russia Probe Manafort

    Prosecutors are presenting their closing arguments in the financial fraud trial of onetime Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort on Wednesday in Alexandria, Va.

  2. Death toll in Genoa bridge collapse rises to 39 as public anger grows


    Rescuers hunt for survivors among huge chunks of debris a day after a bridge collapse that killed 39 as government ministers criticized the viaduct's operator and Italy's prime minister declared a state of emergency covering the Genoa region.

  3. Suspect in car crash outside U.K. Parliament is British citizen, reports say


    A man detained on suspicion of carrying out a terrorist attack outside Britain's Parliament is Salih Khater, a British citizen of Sudanese origin, according to media reports.

  4. N.M. judge called 'terrorism sympathizer' after bail release of compound defendants

    Compound Search-Children Removed

    A judge's decision to allow the release of an extended family member accused of child abuse at a ramshackle desert compound in New Mexico prompted a political uproar Tuesday by prominent Republican lawmakers and members of the public.

  5. At least 22 dead in Sudan as boat carrying students to school sinks


    A boat sank on Wednesday while crossing the Nile River in Sudan and at least 22 people drowned, including 21 students and a woman, the country's state news agency reported.